February 1, 2012

Happy February!

I hope your February's are filled with love, kitschy hearts, too much chocolate, silly faces and lots of baby drool! Minus the drool. Ours definitely will be. I'm already dreaming up a few things to bake and crafts to make if (fingers crossed) I have time and a healthy baby this month. Our January was spent sick. The entire month. Ya. Not so great. Thanks to some antibiotics, after he had a 104.3 fever and woke up shaking and panting, little man is doing better and so am I. And I am so very thankful.

Here's to hoping February is filled with more sleep and I don't see the clock hit every single hour all night long. Please excuse me. Sleep deprivation makes me whiny. Happy thoughts: Cupcakes. Disney. Starbucks. All better.


Tina said...

So cute! Looks like he had some fun in this photo shoot.

Katy Casellini said...

I'm happy to babysit any time you just need a nap or to get some baking done :)

Natalie Catherine of TheBusyBudgetingMama.com said...

Just found you via pinterest..then flickr..then here! too cute. Following now. And i'm with ya girl on the sleepless nights. I have a 1 and 3 yr old. I think they have made a pact to take turns for the rest of their toddler lives of keeping me awake all night. all..night... :)

Tenley Clark said...

@Tina Thanks! He pretty much just wanted to eat the heart. =)

@Katy Casellini How about you come over and hang out and bake with me instead! Hooray!

@Natalie Catherine I just went and checked out your blog. Very cute! Love all the DIY's and printables!! Will definitely be following now. And yikes that they are still not sleeping. I really hope we aren't up this often for two more years.

jefito said...

I repeat, again: Oh my God, he's beautiful.

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