February 3, 2012

Instagram January Photo A Day

I have a confession. I have become mildly addicted to Instagram. I know. I have been sneaking around behind my Droid's back with the mister's iPhone. Even worse I sometimes use the pictures I take with my Droid and turn them into Instagrams. Shock. Awe. The horror. 

Things have gotten pretty awkward around here. I think he's onto me. He's shut down a lot a lot recently. He's been hiding messages and he's always too drained to talk. I'm filing my official divorce papers in April and moving on to a new sexier phone that doesn't make my pictures blue and get possessed every other day. Hopefully.

So in my trysts with Instagram I began a little fun challenge that @fatmumslim created. She made a list of words/themes for you to take a picture representing every day of the month. Fun! I take so many pictures and it can be exhausting to upload and edit constantly so I am really enjoying documenting every day life without all the hullaballoo (great word!). 

1. You
In my new Tenley glasses by Warby Parker from my mom. Yes they are named Tenley!
2. Breakfast
I swear I don't eat Starbuck's for breakfast every day. Sometimes it's McDonald's =)
3. Something you adore
Adore is the understatement of the century.
4. Letterbox
Had no idea what this was at first. We call it a mailbox.
5. Something you wore
Love my saddle shoes I have had since high school.
6. Makes you smile
Love this sign in our backyard. I'll miss it when we move in May. 
7. Favorite
Missed this one.
8. Your sky
Taken from the car window while driving around trying not to wake the baby.
9. Daily routine
He's the best daily routine I've ever had! He took the place of showering and sleep.  
10. Childhood
Me when I was like 7 in one of my mom's awesome smocked dresses she used to make me on 4th of July.
11.Where you sleep
12. Close-up
I cheated here. This was taken with my DSLR. Didn't have a phone. 
13. In your bag
In my vintage bag/diaper bag
14. Something you're reading
One of our favorite books. Love the Mary Blair illustrations.
15. Happiness
He's happy. He's my happiness. Double points.
16. Morning
A couple of sickies.
17. Water
He LOVES bath time. And yes he's well fed. And I love it. 
18. Something you bought
Delicious Falafel Drive-In.

19. Sweet
Nice excuse to get my favorite food. Great day with Baby Bear shopping for vintage, drinking hot cocoa and grabbing a cupcake downtown.
20. Someone you love
Taken on our first date night in 6 months.  
21. Reflection
Rainy day.
22. Your shoes
My love. My chucks. 
23. Something old
My vintage pyrex the mister got me for Xmas. He spent a lot of time researching patterns and everything. So sweet!
24. Guilty pleasure
The Bachelor. 
25. Something you made
Well.. ya.
26. Colour
One of my Expedit shelves.
27. Lunch
I don't eat on days I shoot weddings so I skipped this one.
28. Light
Taken out the window driving through San Francisco on the way home from a shoot. (actually where the wedding was the day before)

29. Inside my fridge
What? Your fruit isn't alive?
30. Nature
I live in the suburbs. The only nature around me is the weeds in my backyard. 
31. You. Again.
Blonder than I started the month.

I hope you enjoyed a little look at these silly little images. I'm doing February too. Should be fun.


Carrie Rosalind said...

I love following you on Instagram and these pictures are too cute! Good luck with February's! :)

Lady Mimi said...

Corrections: I believe #10 was the 4th of July between preschool and K, so you were just-barely-five. I think. You "asked" me to smock / make that on the 3rd of July, but it's a romper, not a dress. It had elastic around the top of your legs and the "body" of it was very blousy, like a dress. You looked like a little girl from the '20s.

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