December 13, 2011

A Very Merry DIY.

Today I wanted to share with you a super easy, yet super cute holiday DIY. My favorite holiday color is silver. I'm obsessed. I love it with blue and red especially. So, I knew I had to make something incorporating that. I love garlands. I love the word "merry" (it's just so merry!). And a tiny project was born.

So, I was prepared to have to cut the letters out of foam and either spray paint them with silver glitter paint or go the messy route with glue and sprinkling glitter everywhere. Then, I saw these at Michaels (local craft store). They are pre-glittered foam sheets. Awesome. I bought 5 of them and some silver ribbon to match. I came home and printed out the letters in a font I liked and used it as a template to draw on the back of each of the sheets (make sure to do the letters backwards when drawing on the back- especially the R's). Then I cut each of the letters out, took a yarn needle and threaded the ribbon through and then just wove the ribbon in and out of two places on each letter. And there you have it, a very merry decoration!

Told you that was easy =)


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