December 10, 2011

DIY: Mitten Garland

Hello lovelies! Today I have a little very easy holiday DIY. I was inspired this season by all of the cute little mitten graphics I saw on Christmas card templates and decided I wanted to create my own little garland of them to give our home that cozy holiday vibe. I thought that I would share just in case some of you would like to make some too!

A. I printed out a little mitten pattern I created for the project, but you can free-hand a design or even trace a mitten you have for reference. I then pinned the pattern to the felt and cut out my design.
B. I cut out two mittens for each color I wanted to use.
C. Then, I took my pattern and cut the bottom inch or so where I thought the band might go and used this to cut one for each mitten. I chose a color I thought would look good with each of the colors of the mittens.
D. Next, I got out the craft glue...
E. Put the glue on the band...
F. And glued the band to the bottom of each of my mittens (I did it so that each mitten set would have one right and one left- thumbs facing each other). You can sew this part to make your mittens a little more durable, I just didn't have time with the little mister.
G. For the next step, I threaded my embroidery needle with embroidery thread in one of my colors and tied a knot at the end. I came up through the outer edge of the mitten (side opposite the thumb) and up and around to the back again and back through.
H. I kept my finger in place while pulling through to create a loop and while it was like this I did one stitch through to the backside again and tied it off in the back.
I. Hooray! You have a cute little mitten! Now repeat it for all of your remaining mittens.

For the last step, take a ribbon, yarn, or whatever you'd like and thread it through the loop on each of your mittens in the order you like to create your garland. Now hang it up, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy your new cute and cozy decoration!

... and since we are on the subject of mittens, here's one of my favorite moments on television:

Oh how I love that! MEOOOOW!

Do you have a favorite holiday DIY you have done or seen this season? Share in the comments please! I'd love to see what pretty things people are making and get more inspiration!

PS. I have another holiday decoration DIY coming up soon that is super cute and incredibly easy.


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Super cute and it does look easy!

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