December 8, 2011

Half-Birthday Boy!

clouds by vol. 25

This past Saturday my little baby boy turned 6 months old! I know I keep saying this, but it seriously is going WAY too fast for me! I am having a hard time believing he is no longer a newborn let along half a year old. This past month has been so intense with him learning a new thing every day. He is at such a fun age and I am loving every minute of it! He really is the HAPPIEST baby. We could not be luckier.

I have been wanting to take the above picture for a while and thought it would be perfect for his half-birthday shot. Inspired by one of my favorite movies, Up!. For his half-birthday we did a countdown and celebrated with kisses in the morning, took our Christmas card pictures, went to the Carol of Lights in Downtown Campbell with Uncle Ben, ate dinner at the Sonoma Chicken Coup, Mama got a cupcake and ate it in his honor (don't judge me), got pears for the first time.

Here is a glimpse into the past month:

New tricks:  army crawling, sitting up by myself for a few minutes, eating solids, hit things hard, actually shaking a rattle well, saying "mama no" and "dada no" when you cry, high-fives, first tooth, closing the fridge door, not sleeping anymore, taking steps while holding our hands

Favorite toys: Baby Einstein piano, Captain Calamari, Leap Frog music table, new Luv U Zoo jumperoo,  Derby the Dinosaur

New foods I've tried: rice cereal, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, avocado (you loved it and then hated it)

Other favorite things: food, the color red, trying to get Mama's Starbucks and Daddy's bloody mary's, reaching for everything in sight,  jumping a lot, Mama's singing, new favorite song- "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", pulling hair, LOTS of kisses, bath-time, clapping with Mama's help,  dancing, being tickled, being "tick-tocked", being thrown in the air, attention, chewing on everything especially our hands, animals (you LOVE the pishi (kitty) and and the dogs), standing, being nudey, playing "mama kitty"

Things I dislike: sleep, avocado (1 for 2), being put down to sleep (still napping in our arms), being put down ever, not being able to see us

Cute things I do: raspberries all day, giggle a lot at everything, smile at everyone,  high-fives, sticking your tongue out, talk all day, pterodactyl noises, toot when you eat, eating your feet lots, the way you look at your Mama and Daddy, lots of open-mouth kisses

He ended the month at 17lbs 8oz! My big boy!

Here is his 6 month crate picture sitting up like a big boy:

And since I didn't post them here are his 5 and 4 month ones too:

5 months
4 months


Kassie said...

It does go by super fast. I'm pretty sure I say that everyday!
Cute boy! Cute pictures!

Tenley Clark said...

Thanks Kassie! Your little boy is adorable!

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