December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving was a tad bit uneventful for Zachary and I. We got all dressed and took Daddy to work. Then, we headed to see my parents with no plans for dinner. After taking a few of these pictures at his Mimi's little Mister took a good long nap and we ended up spending most of the night on the couch watching Top Model. Luckily, there was some delicious food when we went to pick up Daddy from work so it's ok. As I said before, we celebrate the day after in our family so don't worry we got a proper Thanksgetting with some super yummy food! It feels a little boisterous to say that food you cook was yummy, but whatever. It was. My mom made a really scrumptious turkey to top it all off. No pictures from that day though. My hands were too full of food to take pictures =).

Zachary with his Mimi.
Zachary and I, dressed up with no where to go. Dress from Modcloth (my favorite new dress).
These pictures are super special to me. Bailey is 13 now and I love this girl! It means a lot that she got to meet Zachary and play!
I started prepping a bit the day before. I made these yummy caramel apple bites from A Beautiful Mess. And their delicious spiced apple cider recipe, which I loved so much I've since made it a few times. This apple brown betty recipe from Pioneer Woman that was SO good! This sausage stuffing recipe that just might be the best stuffing I have EVER had! Thank goodness I made a soup kitchen's worth (pictured above being prepped) of it for only 6 people, so everyone got leftovers. And these traditional mashed potatoes.

Thanks for sharing a look into our Thanksgiving. I am in a super baking/cooking mood. Any recipes that you LOVE?


Rach x said...

Zachary is absolutely gorgeous! The pictures with your dogs are lovely too and will have them to cherish.

I have a black labrador - Bonnie, she will be 13 in March. it's hard seeing her getting older but I am constantly photographing her to keep special memories :)

Tenley Clark said...

Good for you for taking so many pictures of her to remember this time with her. I wish I spent more time with Bailey to get more pictures in but with the baby I haven't gotten to see her much. These pictures with Zachary are very special though. =)

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