December 27, 2011

Our Christmas Card 2011

I hope you all had a very happy holiday season, whatever it is that you celebrate! We had a fantastic time enjoying Zachary's first Christmas! As a new mom, I was pretty bananas trying to ensure that it went perfectly. I will share more on our festivities with pictures later. For now, I will share our Christmas cards that we sent this year now that (mostly) everyone has received theirs in the mail. The card was designed by me as well as the pictures all being taken by me. For the record, I don't recommend taking your own family portrait with a cranky 6 month old and a remote.

And here are some close-ups and extras:

That's all for now. I am off to try and recover from the paper-cuts and needle wounds from handmade gifts this year =).

If you did a holiday card this year please share. I absolutely love seeing them!


bobbi said...

Zachary is gorgeous! Those eyes! Your card looks beautiful! I'm actually really impressed that you took the aerial shot yourself...and trying to wrap my mind around how you held up the camera :)

I took my first stab at my not-so-single-but-boyfriend's-in-another-country Christmas card this year...hopefully next year I'll manage one with the both of us! :)

Hope you had an amazing Christmas and will have a very happy New Year!

Eva said...

These photos are amazing. You did a wonderful job with the cristmas card, Zachary is so cute and you two look very happy too. What a lovely little family :).

Seasonal Activities said...

So cute!!! Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Tenley Clark said...

Bobbi: I love your blog! Super cute! And your card is adorable. I love the outtakes of your pictures and the design of it.
To get the aerial shot I put the camera on a tripod as tall as I could get it facing down and angled out a little, a wide lens and a remote.

Thank you Eva and Seasonal Activities!

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Really lovely collection. The second photo is beautiful.

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