September 4, 2011

Scrabble Sundays: Love

I'm a little too tired to write anything tonight, but, on the topic of love, I would love to hear what and who you guys are loving lately? Share anything you want on the topic of love. I'm all ears =).

PS. Thank you guys for the super fun questions on last weeks FAQ post! I can't wait to answer them. I will get a post with those answers up soon.


Angie said...

My wife! (always lovin' her!)
Our fur and feather babies <3

The fact that it's COOL here at night, again! Woo!
Avatar: The Last Airbender marathons
True Blood (almost ending. Saaaad.)
Western skies... During sunrise and especially during sunset!
Reading eeeeeeeverything in my GReader in the morning!

And so much more. ^_^

Have a lovely day!!!

Ysabel said...

I love that Scrabble that you just posted and my friend who just took me out to a Japanese restaurant :)

Charlotte said...

Cool weather. The taste of pumpkin. My fall wardrobe. Generous husband. Impromptu trips. Jazz.

Anonymous said...

Love your site;) and your pictures!! So glad Sharzad joon
Shared it! Your baby is gorgeous! Congratulations!!
And your work is so amazing!!!! He's going to love all these
Pictures when he's older! Hopefully we will
See you guys soon!
Love golnaz

Rachael said...

I'm loving pen pals and making my own lattes and playing 'drawing lessons' with my littlest sister.

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