August 30, 2011

Week 11 (Zachary 365)

AUGUST 12- First trip to his new pediatrician (I love the hot air balloons they have everywhere. Super cute.) He got his round of vaccinations and took 'em like a champ.
AUGUST 13- Playtime. Roxy had just come up and said hi and made him smile.
AUGUST 14- Breakfast at Southern Kitchen with Uncle Ben (our roommate). Going out for Saturday breakfast is our new favorite ritual. They're all mesmerized by the ceiling fan. Silly boys!
AUGUST 15- Picture time with Mama. I say it all the time, this kid is the most kissed child EVER!
AUGUST 18- Bath-time. He's learning to kick and splash and likes when I sing "Under the Sea".


Rachael said...

I love the eyelashes in the last pic and that you sing 'Under the Sea' to him. I love the adorable smile in the second photo also.

Chilismama said...

I'm SOOO glad that mama finally got some pics with Zack! They are beautiful, you both look gorgeous :) BTW, maybe sometime we can join you at Southern Kitchen....Grady was just telling me about that place and said we have to go. Miss you guys!

Kassie said...

These are so cute!
My little one loves the ceiling fan too (and lights)! I can't kiss my boy enough either... its like their cheeks just beg for it!

You look very beautiful in that picture!

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