September 6, 2011

Sleep Well... Good night!

The above quote is from the book Time For Bed  by Mem Fox (thanks Leah!)

It's impossible to love anything more than I love this boy! My heart aches with love and I stare in amazement each and every day at this incredible little blessing. To me, he's perfect. I love every single tiny little detail about him. In a time where everything else seems to be going wrong he is what is right in my life. He's so absolutely wonderful that he makes every bit of strain more than worth it. There is not a single moment I don't cherish with this boy. This stage is so wonderful! I want to freeze time and keep him just like this forever. I have tried doing the freeze dance to no avail. Where it failed at actually stopping time it did succeed in me looking super cool, so I still came out a winner.

Thanks for sharing your comments on what you are loving lately. They were so much fun to read, and super sweet! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We went to a fun BBQ at our friend's house. I would share pictures but silly me forgot to put a memory card in the camera. Perhaps I can do an interpretive dance to re-enact it for you. Maybe with a little freeze dance thrown in just for fun. Happy Tuesday!!


Skywaitress said...

Oh his eyelashes are so long and beautiful. He really is a gorgeous little boy.

Rachael said...

These are stunning. Just stunning. He's like a perfect little package.

amy@agoodlife said...

hi tenley! this is my first time visiting your blog, i found it through pinterest when i saw one of your super cute maternity pictures. i am kinda LOVING it!! your photography is amazing & i am jealous of your creativity! i would LOVE to feature you on my blog sometime, or have you do a guest post or something like that. let me know if you'd be interested :)

amy@agoodlife said...

umm, ps: this is my blog addy, duh -

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