August 3, 2011

Week 8

My baby boy turned 2 months today and I'm in shock. Here's a peek into his 8th week:

JULY 22- Morning bottle
JULY 24- Playtime with Mama (please excuse my pajamas and morning hair. Having a new baby means never looking presentable.)
JULY 25- Saying goodbye to Drunkle Jeoffrey. I cry every time.
JULY 26- On his new blanket Mama had made for him by Bittybug Boutique.
JULY 27- He wanted to show his Pop-pop how good he looks in pinstripes! My Dad's a big Yankees fan. His Dad is not, Sorry honey!
JULY 28- The changing pad. His favorite place ever. Seriously.


Charlotte said...

What a happy baby! Such an adorable smile.

triciamolina said...

He's getting so big! He is one of the most handsome babies I have EVER seen! and ps: even in pajamas and morning hair, you are still gorgeous! so jealous!

jefito said...

It's never goodbye. Only "see you soon." And that's one cool blanket.

Rachael said...

Every single photo is superior (coming from your blog, I expect nothing less) but I especially, especially love the pictures of him on the blanket. Oh, and if that's you 'unpresentable'.... I'm jealous. You look adorable!

Bee said...

It's unbelievable how much he looks like you already! You're both adorable!

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