August 8, 2011

My Puppet.

"I'm just a toy, just a funny boy
That makes you laugh when you're blue
I'll be wonderful, do just what I'm told
I'll do anything for you
I'm your puppet, I'm your puppet" -"I'm Your Puppet"  by James & Bobby Purify

I have always loved floor scenes. From the Kindle commercials to the many photographs and beautiful music videos created from a high vantage point. Oh, the creativity. Then there were the gorgeous series of photographs Mila's Daydreams by Adele Enersen. What a perfect way to do something creative with a baby since all they really can do is lay there. I've had lists of ideas for images to create in this vain for quite a while now and never got around to it. Now that I have the perfect little model though I couldn't resist. This specific idea has been in my head for a while so it felt good to get it out of there as it's getting quite crowded in there. I'm going to have to start charging my ideas and constant to-do's rent as they overstay their welcome. And when they don't pay, they, like so many before, will be evicted to my notebook. Or as I call it, the Land of Homeless Visions. 

And what I said about him being my perfect little model is totally true. This little man was dancing and moving just like a little puppet the second I laid him down. It was absolutely adorable! I almost wish I had video taped it instead of taking photographs. The out-takes are just too precious. He is definitely turning into a photographer's child. As soon as there is a phone or camera on him he stares right at it and most of the time smiles. I'm sure the day will come that he will resent it, but until then I will click away in utter bliss at that sweet little face. 

A special thanks to our roommate Ben who let me wake him up to play puppeteer.


Rach x said...

He's absolutely adorable! I love your concept! :)

I am continuously amazed at all the photos you have got with hhis eyes open and looking at the camera, it took me about a year to get that from my godson :)

Rachael said...

Your head is filled with marvelous things.
What an adorable sesh. While there may come a day that he will resent it, it'll only be a few years after that until he finds a love, who will thank you profusely. :)

The Keeper of the Keys said...

How cute that he knows its a camera! Perfect! Looking forward to more!

Deana said...

Awesome photo!

LuLu said...

He is absolutely the perfect baby model :)

A Candid Life

Andrea said...

Just found your blog. Your little guy is adorable and I love your photography! I have a little guy who is 10.5 weeks old, so it is always fun to see other babies the same age. I look forward to following.

Tenley Clark said...

Rach X: Thanks! He loves looking at the camera! I'm starting to think the hard part will be to not get him to always look at the camera =). It's hard to get video of him doing something cute

Rachael: Haha. It's filled alright. I just wish I could get it to quiet down sometimes. =)

The Keeper of the Keys: Thanks!

Thanks Deana!

Lulu: Thank you! He's definitely a good little model for me.

Andrea: Welcome to my blog and thank you! Congratulations on your baby! How cute that they are the same age! What's your son's name and birhtday?

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