July 27, 2011

Week 7

This week was a very special week because my brother Jeff came to visit from New Hampshire to meet his nephew! My brother is a very special person to me and I love him with all of my heart so it was absolutely wonderful to have him here. Everyone loves my brother and was so excited to have him here. Our uncle even drove from Montana just to see him. This proved to be true even with Zachary. He loves his Drunkle! And who could blame him with how sweet he was with him. It was adorable! We miss him already!

JULY 16: Trip to Santa Maria to meet (my) Mimi. He loves his Drunkle Jeff! 
JULY17: Baby Bear in his Bear Swing
JULY 18: With his Drunkle Jeff. 
JULY 20: On his new-to-him playmat (thanks Steph!). He loves it!
JULY 20: More tummy time!


jefito said...

Leah: "Oh my God, I would bite that lip off."

Deana said...

Wow so good at tummy time already! Glad the little guy got to meet his uncle!

Rachael said...

AWwwww, melts my heart. I love the playmat! It's real good for him to see all those shapes and colors as his brain is developing.
P.S. I have a brother Jeff too!

Samantha said...

Do you have any advice on the first months of parenting to share?

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