July 19, 2011

My Boys.

I didn't think I could love Dave anymore than I already did. Then, he became the father of my child. There is something very special about seeing the man you love become a dad. There's a beauty in the pride within his glance as he looks at the child he created. I sit and observe the bond of a father and son and admire it for how amazing it is in this moment and marvel at the foreshadowing of what is to come. I  can only imagine how that look of pride will grow the day our son throws his first baseball or picks up his first guitar. He is already completely and irrevocably in love with our boy and to get to watch it, well, that is better than any cupcake in the world.

Here are some pictures I took of the two of them when Zachary was just 1 week old:

And this is the front of a the Father's Day card I made for him:

As you might have guessed he is one of the biggest Giant's fans ever. Oh and this isn't photoshopped (other than the text). I had him lay on my white backdrop and tried to get him to hold the bat. Instead he put his hand over it at one point and it just so happened to look like he was holding it. 

And here is a little mock baseball card that I made to put inside the card:


Rachael said...

AH! So cute! What a great idea. And yes, it's so, so, so sweet to see dad's interacting with their babies. I actually recently discovered that due to the rocky nature of my parent's marriage when I was born (they're now divorced) and the fact that my dad was more often the photographer than my mom, there are NO pictures of my dad and I together until about 9 years old. :(

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