May 3, 2011

Week 35: Capitola

For our week 35 shoot we headed out to beautiful Capitola to feel the sand on our feet and scare little children with my giant belly. We both would love live there one day. He grew up on the beaches in South France so I know he would love for his little guy to get to do the same. For now we will just have to take him as often as we can. Those colored homes make me swoon every time.

(that's right, I jumped like that at 35 weeks pregnant- not quite as high as him =) - taken in one try too)

Pictures from the shower coming soon and some belly painting fun! I got a really great surprise that made the shower extra special. =)


Karyn Gilbert said...

Super cute.

Rach x said...

Totally loving the coloured houses too! Great photographs there! :)

Sara said...

these are adorable. You are brave doing that jump!

Ashley said...

How cute are you?! I love that dress. :) You look great, Tenley. So happy for you. :)

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