May 6, 2011

A very pirate baby shower.

(all photos in this post are thanks to my wonderful mother who photographed the event for me)

This last Saturday was the first of our two showers. It was thrown by my lovely sister-in-law Kristin who did an amazing job! She spent so much time making all the little details. She made it filled with all of the favorite things: cupcakes, crafts, cute babies, etc. I can't tell you how grateful I am to her for all the work and care she put into giving me an awesome baby shower that I will never forget!

This is Captain Calamari. He is captain of the diaper cake and he's super cute! 
A big thank you to Kristin, Holly and Jessica. We spent all night Friday baking cupcakes. Red velvet, Funfetti and Chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting. All of my favorites. The Funfetti frosting is a traitor and got all melty. I love them too much to make them walk the plank though.
Kristin and Jessica spent days making these paper flowers for centerpieces. They are so incredibly beautiful! I love them so much! I can't believe they made each of these by hand. Some seriously talented, and patient, ladies.
Kristin and I put these lollipops together that we found at Michael's. They just happened to be the perfect colors. We also had a onesie decorating table. That's the beautiful host, Kristin with hers that says "My Drunkle (our name for uncle) loves me" and on the back says, "But my Auntie loves me more". So cute! I loved looking at them all later.
There was also a table for writing notes to Baby Bear and creating pages for a little scrapbook for me to add pictures to. The scrapbook was the idea of my other sister-in-law Leah who had this at her shower. I seriously love scrapbooking. I'm cool like an 80 year old in that way. I can't wait to read all the notes people wrote later!
This little stud muffin is Connor (and his mommy Michelle). He was the real entertainment at the shower. He was flirting with all the ladies. He told his mommy I was pretty when I walked away. Such a charmer. Then he kept saying hi to me the whole time. We tried to teach him to wink. He sealed the day with a sweet kiss. Don't tell Dave =). Be still my heart with this ladies' man.
This is Gavin, Baby Bear's buddy-to-be. We seriously love this boy. He's the sweetest. He and his mommy and daddy are coming over tomorrow night for dinner. I can't wait to see that little man!
I feel like a broken record but we are so incredibly blessed! Everyone has given us the most sweet and generous gifts. But we of course are the most lucky because of the outpouring of love we have received. This little guy has no idea how lucky he is to have people who love him so much already! We couldn't be more thankful! 
A picture of my mom and I in the bathroom mirror. We're super classy like that.

Oh and remember that surprise I mentioned in the last post that made my shower EXTRA special?

Here she is! This is my sister-in-law Leah, who you might recognize from my previous New Hampshire posts. She is one of the greatest people on this planet! I'm not over-exaggerating. I would defy anyone to find someone who didn't like her. She flew out to surprise me for the my shower. I kept saying how she was the one thing missing from it so it definitely felt complete with  her here. I couldn't have been happier than to share that with her and to spend some time with her. I love that little lady!!


Sara said...

What a cute shower! I love the pirate theme. Also, you look great!

Ashley said...

Cutest shower ever! I was just perusing shower ideas in MS Living & was wishing a friend would have a baby so I would have an excuse to throw one. :)

Ysabel said...

This is such a pretty shower full of pretty things and pretty people! Your baby is very lucky indeed :)

Andi, On Call RN said...

love, love, love! so sad i couldn't be there but im so glad i got to see you before and catch up. yayy for baby bear <3 :)

Rach x said...

Looks like you had a terrific baby shower! :)

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