April 25, 2011

Week 34: The Light

We got a little bit behind on our pictures. Every time we set up a shoot it fell through and it's just difficult to find motivation to do anything when I finally get a second of downtime. Nonetheless, I made a commitment to make Baby Bear a book and a book he will get. So, even though I feel like an elephant and the last thing I want to do is take a picture I will still continue to do so as I grow to sizes fit to be a float in the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Today was the first day in a while where I have come home and there hasn't been a giant box on our porch step. I am so incredibly in awe of how truly nice people are. It's beautiful and I'm honestly so touched by the outpouring of love that I get a little sappy and teary-eyed sometimes. I blame the hormones.

We could have never imagined that people, some who are nearly strangers, would be so generous and giving. We haven't even had our two showers yet and already have every big item we registered for. Some from people I have met only once. I feel so blessed and happy that I am bringing my baby into a world where he will be surrounded by such absolutely wonderful people.

Speaking of showers my first shower is this Saturday. I can't wait! My sister-in-law is making it filled with all the things I love and putting so much into it. I couldn't be more thankful. Like I said we're incredibly blessed. =)

This image is Gregory Crewdson inspired. He is one of my favorite artists and photographers of all time. If you haven't seen his work you need to. It's beyond gorgeous.


Sara said...

this is beautiful.

Lady said...

Macy's should have such a beautiful float, you look gorgeous, the shot is amazing, the light is perfect.
You two are perfect together, and that's why your porch is usually filled with boxes from UPS. What's not to love about a guy that is passionate about dehydrating and a girl that is passionate about life, love and capturing it all?

Deana said...

You look great! Getting so close!

Anonymous said...

Someone on the local Nest board linked me (I live up the peninsula). Dang, you and your honey are not only completely gorgeous, you've got some awesome photography skills. Your blog was a joy to look through!

Anonymous said...

So many showers this weekend.

My sister in law bridal shower
My mom's best friend's son's baby shower
And a friend who I went to church with baby shower too.

Have fun. Can't wait to see photos.


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