April 3, 2011

Scrabble Sundays: Spring

Though it has been officially Spring for a little bit now it finally actually feels like Spring here. We had an awful storm (I was almost blown away- at this size) the first week and then a record breaking heat wave the next. I could have sworn that our high rent in the Bay Area included awesome weather. I was beginning to contemplate asking our landlords for a refund.

Roxy and I took a walk to enjoy the sunshine today. Let me try that again: Roxy and I took a waddle today. I have been waddling 2 miles or doing prenatal pilates 4-5 days a week since I got pregnant. Usually as you do exercise it's supposed to get easier. It is quite the contrary when you are carrying an extra growing load in front. I'm starting to get pathetically slow. I'm pretty sure there was a worm that almost inched us out today. He ate our dirt though. Don't worry they like it.


Ashley said...

That photo is so pretty. Nothing says, "Spring" like bright blooms. :)

I definitely had to smile at "waddling" - that's great that you are staying active. Fingers crossed for better weather!

Tenley Clark said...

Thanks Ashley! =)

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