March 30, 2011

Week 30: Backlit

I think we've got a pretty large baby on our hands. Or in my belly rather. We still have 2 months to go and I already have strangers saying "Any day now!" to me. So, either he's big or it's cause I'm the size of a smurf that my belly looks extremely huge. Either way it's starting to get uncomfortable. It's like there is a little car jack inside me that is trying to spread my tiny ribcage as far as it can. Space is getting tight in there for him and he's got to find more room somewhere. Or make it. 

The most common advice you hear when pregnant is to sleep as much as you can now and to do as much together as you can. We have failed miserably at both of these. We did make an attempt though and got our bums off the couch for a date night on Saturday. We went to dinner and got some ice cream because even though I'm not a huge ice cream person I just had to have a sundae. We had a great time and giggled the whole night. I really love that man =). 

For any of you who have children (or just know people who do), what's the best advice you would give us during this time? 


Rach x said...

I have heard of people saying the same. I don't have kid's but my best friend had a boy a couple of years ago and one thing she would tend to say is eating out... they have had to change the type of restaurant they would normally eat at to a more family friendly.

Love the portrait shot! Best of luck to you and your wee family :)

Jessica said...

I also heard the same advice of sleep as much as you can when I was pregnant. However, I had a big belly also and it was so uncomfortable to sleep from 30 weeks on. My hips hurt alot and so much that I couldn't even sleep comfortably and would wake up almost every hour to change positions. SO, my advice is not to sleep as much as you can, BUT sleep as comfortably as you can.

As for other advice I would just try and get out and hit the movies, comedy clubs, and every non kid friendly place as much as you can. I think it was like 6 months after I had my son that I was able to get out and get to a movie.

Your blog is adorable. Good luck to you guys!

Sara said...

I have a two year old and looking back to when I was preggo, I would change a few things the next time around: try to make time to journal or write about being pregnant (I didn't do this nearly enough) because when the baby comes you will be so busy you will neglect things like this. Also, try to take a baby-moon (a mini vacation before the baby comes), even if it's just somewhere close, try to get away and enjoy each other as much as possible.

Forget about ever getting enough sleep again! I had trouble sleeping when I was pregnant too, never could get comfy and had horrible reflux when I laid down no matter what I ate. Believe me, my daughter still wakes up at least once on most nights, and even when you get them on a schedule, they get sick or the time changes and it messes everything up again.

The good news is that it's all worth it! Good luck to you! I really enjoy the blog.

Ashley said...

No advice from me, but I just had to tell you how stunning you are. Your face is glowing. :) Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

Anonymous said...

I was reading all the advice and in my head going:"Why do we have kids again"?
I think to me the most important thing would be to get everything done that I want to get done. Restaurants, going out, etc can wait for 6 months or a year, but not having enough time to do anything would really bug me.
You look adorable in the backlight and yes, your belly looks like it's about to pop, but in that cute way! :)

Tenley Clark said...

I am so enjoying reading all of your advice =) Thank you for sharing! It makes me feel better to know that no one else slept during pregnancy. At least I'm getting more prepared for what's to come.

We love the idea of a baby-moon Sara. We were hoping to go spend a night or two somewhere close. Hopefully we'll be able to find time.

Elena: That seems to be my thought process too. I feel like I'd rather get everything done now than have to try and do it all after he comes. There will be enough to do then anyways.

Thanks again everyone! Keep them coming =)

Kristin said...

LOVE this! I also love the idea about sweet!

cfeld80 said...

Just enjoy it! Keep taking the pictures and enjoying all the movement. Once he's here, you won't think of being big (you always feel bigger than you actually are) or how uncomfortable you were... you'll miss the movement and the special bond you already have rigit now. At least now, when you are worried, you get the baby to move and it calms your feers. When he's out, you can't do that.
Just enjoy every min. of it!

Lady said...

1.Enjoy this time, later on you'll wish that you had taken the time to take a breath and just enjoy it.
2.You aren't big, you're just pregnant and people use that phrase much like they unconsciously say "How are you?" You may be bigger than a month ago, but that is normal, if you didn't grow, that would be something to worry about - being normal isn't!
3. Read for fun, take the time to do the things you'd like: knit, listen to music, watch movies, make a quilt. Whatever you'll enjoy more without the interruption of a baby needing you "right now"
4.Spend time with your babydaddy, you won't have the luxury of doing that again for a while once the baby comes. Yes, you have built in babysitters, but that still comes with missing the baby, worrying, etc.
Enjoy enjoy enjoy this time!!!

Uwe said...

Dear Tenley,

met your lovely husband last night, talked about life as you would and he proudly shared your photo. Great photo, beating Demi Moore :-). I love good photography since one of my best friends became a photographer ( From what I am hearing from Dave you guys do everything right, keep talking about what each one of you wants, loves, fears and giggle together. Best wishes, Uwe

Tenley Clark said...


Lucky you =) He's the greatest isn't he? I'm one lucky little lady! Thank you so much for your kind words and your friends sports work is beautiful! Hopefully you will be back in soon so I can get the chance to meet you as well. Cheers!

Uwe said...


that would be nice! When I am back you will be a smiley and happy mum :-)!

Emilie Spencer said...

As a mother of best advice is to enjoy EVERY single minute of the pregnancy and the baby growing up because it GOES way too fast.

Short Leg Lucy said...

you are gorgeous

Elisabeth said...

I thought it was so funny when people told me to sleep as much as I could while I was pregnant because when the baby arrived there wouldn't be much sleep happenin'...
I am not part bear, so hybernating the last trimester of my pregnancy away was not an option lol. So no real advice on the sleep thing here, I guess just ENJOY it because it will be gone soon...unless you have a super awsome baby that naps all the time.

Personally if I could give myself advice back then I would've spent as much time with my man as possible. I forgot what it's like to pay attention to him :( Also I would have prepared more for breastfeeding because it hurts like hell for the first two months. That's probably all...

That being said, all advice is autobiographical. Your experiences are and are going to be all your own and no one can really tell you what to expect or do so just go with it!!! Enjoy everything about your pregnancy and baby and just whatev to everyone else lol.


princess lasertron said...

my advice for these last few weeks: meditate a lot and practice relaxation

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