March 27, 2011

Scrabble Sundays: Knit

Through this pregnancy people often ask me what things I'm craving. I respond with a list of the few uninteresting times I've wanted something. Then they look disappointed that I didn't say a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. When I really think about it though it's not food that I'm craving. I am dying to create. I want a DIY sandwich with extra crafting on top!

I always hear that it is around this time in pregnancy that women begin to nest. Well we will be moving two months after Baby Bear arrives. This means there is no nursery to decorate (though I have planned out exactly how I want it). Instead I am dying to just be able to create little things for him. I want to knit him a blanket, sew him a patchwork quilt, make some cute embroideries, create a scrapbook. Really the list is endless. With only so much time to go and plenty of other things on the to-do list I doubt I will be able to tackle even half the list. If I can create even a couple of things for him though I'll be a happy girl.

What are some of your current cravings?  


Anonymous said...

Your photography is fantastic!
Current cravings...hmm, everything! It's been one of those weeks...

Tenley Clark said...

Taylor- Hopefully you at least got some of the things you were craving. It's wonderful to indulge sometimes. I use it as rewards for doing things I'm less than thrilled about.

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