April 5, 2011

Dear Jasmine

Thank you for helping us prepare for our impending sleepless nights. Your incessant, shrill meowing and stepping on our heads has been a blessing. Really, we can't thank you enough. We know you aren't the sole giver of your sweet gift of insomnia. We should also thank the other two animals whose barks, growls and scratches to be let out constantly have definitely assisted in assuring we never enter the sweet lullabies of our REM cycle. I also have to give big props to the joint pain that never lets me get comfortable and the little guy for always assuring my bladder is pulverized into submission every hour.


The pregnant zombie

PS. With faces like that how can I not completely forgive you? Sleeping means I miss out on precious snuggle time anyway.


Lady said...

... you poor thing...
You two really need a weekend getaway. Even one night...

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