January 25, 2011

Week 21: Sway to the Rhythm of Love

"Play the music low, and sway to the rhythm of love"

This week's shoot is named after the Plain White T's song "Rhythm of Love". It has been on repeat in our household. Everyone, including the pups, loves to dance around to it. It's just such an awesome song. Not to mention that the video is super swoon worthy. I mean vintage inspired beach scenes and a circus themed party with twinkly lights? Talk about my dream wedding reception. Pretty sure I actually just drooled on myself watching it. 

We've been trying to play the baby as much music as we can. Music is very important in our house, especially because Papa Bear is a musician. The baby gets a nice ear-load of Mama singing all day. Lots of Glee, Disney, musicals, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, the Temptations, Bon Jovi, Journey, Wilson Phillips (only "Hold on" I promise), etc. This worries Papa Bear greatly. Both my singing and the selection. He has me play the baby Mozart for about 20 minutes a day with the headphones over my belly (like below). Hopefully he will love music as much as we do and play guitar like his daddy.

And here is the video for the song:
What a catchy little ditty! Yes, I just said called it a ditty. I've just out-cooled myself. 

Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! What's your favorite song of the moment?




Kristin said...

The song I was STUCK on was Kick Drum Heart by the Avett Brothers. SUPER cute and SUPER catchy!

Sara said...

These are adorable!

Tenley Clark said...

Thanks Sara! =)

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