January 28, 2011

Psycho Donuts

There are a few questions that you get quite frequently when you're pregnant. How far along are you? Boy or girl? Any weird food cravings? My answer to the last one is usually just that I had a huge hankering for cheeseburgers in my first trimester. That's it. No pickles and ice cream for me. 

I'm proud to say I finally have begun to have cravings. We were in line at El Pollo Loco last night and all of a sudden I HAD to have a donut. I had to have it like the Bachelor has to have a hot tub scene. So, this morning on the way to work my ever-so-loving boyfriend took me to a local donut shop called Psycho Donuts. Holy awesomeness! I can't believe we hadn't been there before. 

Reasons I loved it:
 The donut girl was dressed like a nurse which was awesome. Even more awesome was the crazy donut toppings. I wish I had gotten a picture of the actual donuts but they didn't last long before my preggo-self devoured them. Plus I only had my camera phone. They were super duper yummy!
 The place had a bunch of awesome pieces of artwork all over the store by local artists. We have a special love for robots in our household and I fell in love with the lower right one.
Last but not least they have a little photo-booth filled with cute little props. He made me order wearing that boa.

Umm... is it to soon to tell them I love them? I think I might wait for the second date. You know when I'm less cranky.

Thank you to Psycho Donuts for being the only shining light on this rather poopy day! Well that, a Dexter marathon, and my boyfriend getting me the breakfast pastries I love.




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