January 22, 2011

About Tenley: Part 3


Kyle, Carrie and Jenna said...

Great idea for the "about me" section. I follow you on Flickr and enjoy seeing your creativity come to fruition.

Sparky said...

I feel you on the hair changing part. I tried doing a blog post on my hair since graduating high school. I couldn't put the pictures in chronological order because it changed so often, I couldn't remember which came before which.

Tenley Clark said...

Thanks Kyle, Carrie and Jenna!

Holly: Luckily I took those each a year apart on the same day so I knew which was which. That's definitely not all of my hair changes even in the past 4 years. I just can't stop myself =)

kristin marie. said...

Your pics are so amazing!
Some of the best I'v seen!
I love the little Valentines Day photo shoot :)


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