January 19, 2011

Week 20: I said "I love You" on a paper plane

Inspired by the song lyrics to "Paper Plane" by Lucy Schwartz

It's official. I'm starting to get big. I've been stuffing myself into my normal clothes and I think I've almost reached my limit. Time to go maternity clothes shopping. Activate dread. 

We felt the baby kick on the outside of the tummy finally on Sunday. Papa Bear was getting so antsy to feel him because I've been feeling him squirming around in there for a while now. His face was priceless when he finally felt the little guy. He was one excited papa! The baby really only kicks when he hears his Daddy's voice, which is super sweet. Like red velvet cupcake sweet. Sometimes when I hear his Daddy talk I feel like kicking him too. Baby Bear and I now have something in common. Kidding.

We went to a really fancy dinner this weekend to celebrate our 2.5 year anniversary. Let me just say we are not fine diners. It's a fancy night if we order in from Chevy's. So, it was quite lovely. I'm pretty sure we showed our hand when we gasped and awe'd when the waiter removed our crumbs. I wish I were kidding. "David Blaine" even gave us his "crumber" (as he called it) at the end of the dinner to take home. I told you I wasn't kidding. 

Our carriage then turned back to a pumpkin and we spent the rest of the weekend in pajamas watching football. And oddly enough, it was just as romantic. 


Kristin said...

I can't believe how fast time is flying! He's going to be here so soon!

April said...

Ha...I remember the first time I saw crumbs cleaned from my table...I was stunned...for real....you do that here...bizarre indeed. I'll take pajamas and football any day !!

Tenley Clark said...

Kristin: Tell me about it! I can't believe we only have 4 months and he'll be here.

April: I'm so glad we aren't the only ones. haha.

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