January 13, 2011

A Very Roxy Christmas

My mom bought Roxy cute Christmas pajamas this year that match her new puppies. Though they are very adorable, Roxy is not a fan of wearing clothing. She's a bit of an ever-nude (Arrested Development anyone?). Since I love my little dogter and hate to make her unhappy, I only put her in outfits on very rare and special occasions. Just for pictures. Plus, I happen to like her in all her furry glory. 

It reads "Santa Baby" on the butt. There were some Christmas socks but she wasn't having it. The girls got limits. Even the handful of treats she got for doing this wasn't worth that. And without further ado, my shameless, yet adorable, torturing of my little princess:

And a few to show how she really felt about the whole thing:

It's a good thing that all it takes is some kisses to get her to forgive you. I'm pretty sure she'd hate me otherwise.




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