January 16, 2011

Piratitude: that's the pirate attitude.

Yes, the title for this post is from a Backyardigan's song. Yes, I'm that cool. 

We were at Salvation Army getting props for this week's maternity shoot when the boyfriend spotted three amazing model pirate ships. Hands down the best thrift find ever! We got all three for only $10. They are just perfect for baby bear's nursery!

As I said before, we are doing the baby's nursery in a pirate/ Peter Pan theme. Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are my two favorite stories of all time! I'm so excited to decorate the nursery. Unfortunately, we will be moving seven weeks after the baby arrives. Yikes! That means we don't get to prepare the nursery beforehand. Huge bummer but it definitely doesn't stop me from looking for all sorts of inspiration in the meantime. 

I absolutely love Mary Blair. Her work is so magical! I will have to purchase a few of her Peter Pan works for the baby-bot's room. 

Here are some cute things I've found on Etsy: 

In love with these illustrations by The Gorgonist

Too cute Peter Pan Japanese Fabric from Lucky Kaeru Fabric & Supplies. (would make the cutest crib sheet!)

Lovely wall decal from Single Stone Studios.
Cute sign from Ice House Crafts.

Adorable wood peg doll set by The Little Gift Box.

And an amazing pirate mural by Mural Max.

Week 21 pictures coming tomorrow! I'm getting so big!




Sparky said...

There are no words as to how cute those ideas are :)

Tenley Clark said...

Thanks so much Holly! I only wish I could start decorating now!

Sparky said...

I wish you could too, then I could volunteer myself to help :) decorating for kids is way funner than decorating for adults. I can't convince Alex to hang the pirate ship kite from our living room ceiling. It is a raised ceiling, it is the PERFECT spot for a pirate ship kite. But noooooooooo he wants to fly it one day. Harumph

Nilla said...

FYI, the pirate ship with peg people set is from Michael's Crafts. The ship is a birdhouse! I have made my daughter a Peter Pan set for it and it was only $5.

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