January 17, 2011

About Tenley: Part 1


April said...

so sweet....your mom was in my shop JaneSays and sent me your way !! I LOVE your blog and your style is delish !!

Congrats on the baby bundle...best of luck.

have a happy day

Tenley Clark said...


Thank you so much for coming to my blog and the wonderful compliments!! I went to your shop and found sound fabulous fabrics for the baby boy's room. I love your shops and marked them as favorites! Such beautiful fabrics!!

Heather said...

This is so cute! Your blog is so creative. Congrats on the baby.

Tenley Clark said...

Thanks so much Heather! =)

Isabelle said...

This is going to sound like weird question, but when I found you on flickr a couple years ago wasn't your name Brittney? Or maybe that was someone else?

Tenley Clark said...

Isabelle: That's not a weird question at all. You're right. My real name is Brittany. I decided to use a pseudonym for my business now though. It just got a little too strange with people stealing my real identity. Plus, my real name is long and hard to spell. =)

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