October 31, 2012

The Patch.

We took Zachary to the pumpkin patch last week. Here is a little peek into the fun we had. 

note: messy day-after slept-on buns don't work well backlit =)
I'm still amazed he kept a hat on for more than 2 seconds. Amazed and very happy. Thanks mom for the adorable pumpkin hat! 


Max said...

Yay! I'm so glad you have started blogging again. I've been following your blog since you were pregnant and now I have a 4 month old boy of my own :) I can't believe how much Zachary has grown up! He's gorgeous.

Tenley Clark said...

Max, thank you so much for following me for so long. That means so much to me. And congratulations on your little boy!! How are you liking being a parent? Isn't it absolutely amazing!? Thank you for your sweet words about Zachary. I still can't believe I created him. =)

Katie @mummydaddyme said...

Your son is gorgeous, and I bet the pumpkin patch was fun. I also have been following your blog since I saw your photos on Flickr, I always read it just never comment as much as I should.

Katie- www.mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk

Max said...

You are very welcome :)

Parenthood is HARD, harder than I ever expected and having worked in childcare I had more warning than most people do. But we're finally coming out of the newborn fog now and my little boy is becoming more fun every day. I adore him.

Part of the fun of reading your blog is seeing how much Zachary changed each month and knowing that we're going to be going through the same milestones soon :) So thanks for keeping me motivated!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness adorableness! And he's gotten so big since we saw him last! I think we need to have a play date at the Kracken with him and Button and Rocky so they can.. well steal toys from each other since babies don't actually play, but we can talk and keep them from killing each other.

Denise said...

Super cute :)

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