March 26, 2012


I just joined a group with some wonderful women/photographers that I met through the Bloom Forum. It's a Project 52 where we take a picture every week based off of an overall topic. This was our topic was laughter. Normally this would be the perfect topic for me. I LOVE, I repeat LOVE, photographing laughter. This week however has been a rough one. I don't really want to get into details but we are going through a tough time at the moment so in case you were wondering why I have been posting less that has a lot to do with it. Sometimes life hits you with one thing after another. It really teaches you to stop saying "Could this be any worse?" Because it can. I said this once two weeks ago and ended up backwards on a freeway so I learned my lesson. Eventually there will be nowhere to go but up. So bring on the April showers. I will find the puddles to splash in until it stops and the rainbow appears. 

As much as I try to teach Zachary everyday I should really take a lesson from him. That boy smiles through anything. His little baby giggles are infectious and can really brighten any rainy day!

Please check out Marsette Guerrero's beautiful portraits of laughter. The images of her son and dog are so beautiful:


Stephanie said...

What a cutie pie! Great lashes and smile - nice work for having an off week ;-)

Marsette said...

Absolutely adorable!

pjoye said...

OMG I LOVE these Tenley! They have everything of YOU in them...quirky, sweet, goofy, in the moment fireball! As Stephanie said - these are fantastic for an off week :-)

Candace Pelz said...

He is absolutely adorable! Love the photos!

I am doing a 365day project (I did self-portraits in 2007-2008 but this one is just a general photo-a-day) and I've found that I do so much better when there is a group I can get ideas from and/or share ideas with (like the 365 days of self portraits group on flickr...which was where I "met" you). Enjoy your 52 week project! I hope to see lots more photos of it! :)

And I'm sorry things are going tough...hope it gets better! I understand how that can be.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you're gong through such a tough time, but your positive attitude is amazing. You inspire me. And your little one is so precious :)

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