February 22, 2012

365 Zachary: November

Here are some of the 365 pictures I took of Zachary back in November that I haven't shared yet:

November is Dave's birthday so he got to celebrate his first birthday as a daddy! We went out to a comedy show with our friends and Pop-pop watched Baby Bear. My dad HATES having his picture taken and ducks out of every shot I try to take so that picture of him with Zack asleep on him is very special to me. I love those two lots and lots and they love each other lots and lots. Melts my heart!
Dino stare down. In his super warm jammies from a cold night. Eating his first solids! (rice cereal)
We took him to his first wedding in November. He was the best dressed guy there. Let me tell you, it is not easy finding fancy clothes for a 5 month old. 
Lots of eating pictures. I think I was a little too proud of this new step. I love how he always used to eat in a heel stretch when we used to feed him in the swing. Too funny!

While shopping for his fancy clothes my mom got him this adorable bear hat from Baby Gap. So fitting for my little baby bear.
After a year of trying to get Dave to help me pick a new duvet I just went ahead and bought this one. I love me some gray stripes. And clearly so does Bubs!
Usually I'm the one putting my foot in my mouth. This AMAZING quilt was made by the mother of a friend of ours. Isn't it spectacular!? I'm still in awe. Zachary loves pointing and staring at the different robots. We called the little mister Baby Bot a lot in the womb and are a robot loving family. 
Woodland Wish is one of our favorite books. I get excited to read it and even Daddy (who is picky as heck) loves it! It even comes with a free song to the book. It's whimsical and adorable and has amazing illustrations. I highly recommend it.  That's Bubs in the crib standing all by himself!
We got Zachary his first jumperoo. He loves that thing. I swear sometimes he is going to jump himself right out of it. He now thinks that whenever he stands he needs to jump. I swear his chunky thighs are stronger than mine. I'm so impressed with how many squats he can do. The second image is his cousin Sophie very sweetly reading him Time For Bed on Skype. Another moment that seriously melted my heart and another one of our very favorite books. It was wonderful to get to see all those sweet faces again and have them "see" Zack. 

There you have it. There was a little very late glimpse into our November. I'm pretty sure the Xfinity turtles posted their pictures before me. Slow and steady. Winning!


Tasha said...

He is so stinkin' CUTE!!!!! And the pic w/ his foot in his mouth is to die for!

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