January 24, 2012

Mackenzie's Tea Party.

I did this session back in November with the super adorable Mackenzie. She was the perfect little model! All smiles, giggles, and full of energy. She laughed every time the lid to the teapot fell off and it was too cute. Such a doll! Have I said how much I love what I do? It is sessions like this that really make my heart sing. I just love capturing kids being kids. Playing pretend. Sharing tea with a furry friend. Fits of laughter. Peekaboo with the canopy. Pure magic. And when they are this cute? Well that's just the Funfetti sprinkles on top!


Pia said...

Wow! Really beautiful pictures!

Mimi said...

I love the colours and the tea party setting... and this little girl is adorable... Beautiful!

Tenley Clark said...

@Pia: Thank you so much!

@Mimi/Lady/Mom: I love you! That's all.

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