January 11, 2012


This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing this beauty's sweet 16 party. So, I wanted to share some portraits from our session at Capitola in October. I have to say that I am so impressed by this girl. Not only is she absolutely stunning but she is a complete sweetheart and total trooper! You see the water that she is in in the picture above? Well I was in it too and it was FREEZING. She wasn't just willing to get in it, but she didn't even flinch at the cold. It was such a fun shoot with her and her family, who drove 6 hours round trip just for the shoot. I'm such a lucky girl to have such amazing clients who will drive all that way to have me photograph them. And then to have clients who are sweet and look like this? Well that is just the cherry on top. I swear I could have photographed her all day!


Kassie said...

Amazing! Love the one with the sand being thrown, but all really beautiful!

Tenley Clark said...

Kassie: Thank you so much! I made her do lots of silly, fun things during the shoot. Not only does it make for a fun shoot but cute pictures too =)

Courtney J said...

Gorgeous photos! Just lovely :)

Pia said...

Just HAVE to write something! I just discovered you on Flickr and then ended up here, looked at your "about me" and I must say....wow...you are AMAZING! The pictures are sooo beautiful!!! (And I haven´t even started to look around on your pics yet)
LOVE your self-portraits! Such creativity and fun pics! Can´t wait to look around and get inspired :)
Keep up your good work!


Sara said...

These are lovely! What a beautiful girl!

Athena said...

Thank you so much for taking all my pictures! You totally got what I was going for and made it totally fun and comfortable to take pictures. I can't thank you enough! Call me if you need a model! Haha

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