October 3, 2011

Moon on my bed and dreams in my head.

"Sleep in my eyes
 And stars in the skies
 Moon on my bed
 And dreams in my head
 That's what I'll wear tonight"

-From (one of my favorite childhood books) Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear by Nancy White Carlstrom

Has anyone seen "The New Girl", the new show starring Zooey Deschanel? In case you haven't, she spends a lot of the show making awkward jokes, doing dorky dances, and inventing her own theme song. In case you are wondering what I am like in real life.. that's pretty much it. I am the queen of ridiculous dancing, awkward jokes, sound effects, and making up random songs to narrate everything I do, including several theme songs for Zachary. Zooey as usual makes it adorable and cool. I however just am just obnoxious. It was sort of strange to watch someone being better at being you. I love Zooey though so I'm ok with it.

I did come up with some really good theme songs for Zachary today however. I also changed the words to several beloved lullabies. Why? Because I find the original lyrics disturbing. They are all about babies falling out of trees and all of their possessions breaking. Nothing soothes a baby to slumber like crooning about their impending doom. No thanks. I'll just keep scatting about grilled cheese. You know, while raising the roof. Cause I'm cool like that.

PS. my baby boy is 4 months today! Hooray!


meri said...

I must politely disagree. I have seen the show, and in terms of ridiculous dancing, awkward jokes, sound effects, and random made-up songs you have it all over Zooey. You rock. Very adorable and cool. My humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

ok you might just be the most awesome person/mom ever

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