September 14, 2011

Week 13 (Zachary 365)

AUG 26
AUG 27- We went to breakfast with Uncle Ben and Meri and took this picture later because I was wearing one my favorite dresses that I just got back out from 9 months of not being able to wear it.
AUG 28- Dave's work party at the bowling alley. I love this picture because it's my two boys being so sweet with their favorite baseball team represented in the background. PS. this is proof that he can (could) sleep anywhere if you hold him. It was insanely loud with people chucking bowling balls and music and he took a good little nap.
AUG 29- I just adore these pictures! I know you love the tiny faux-hawk I gave him =)
AUG 30

PS. In case anyone is wondering I do not edit his eyes. They really are just that pretty and I usually photograph him by a window to get a pretty catch light.


Viva La Happy said...

i can't handle how adorable he is and how cute your little family is. :) lovelovelove <3

Sara said...

Adorable! Seriously, so cute! You must have great light in your house, lucky you.

Skywaitress said...

Okay that third to last picture made me a melt into a pile of AW on the floor. Seriously that grin. I die.

Lauren said...

He is so adorable, alert, and happy!! I can't stand it, you have such a handsome little man :)

Deana said...

He is getting so big! What a great smile. You look fantastic too mama!

Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie pie...100% smushable!

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