September 22, 2011

3 months.

I'm a little late with this post. He's almost 4 months now.

Here are some things about this last month that I want to remember:

Hugging his stuffed animals. Learning to play his piano. Lots of laughing and smiles. Sleeping through the night. Fighting naps. Splashing in the bathtub. Lighting up when he sees Daddy. Playing airplane. Grabbing his toys, batting them around and putting them in his mouth. Holding his binkie. Smiles for Changington Pup. Baby massages. Looking at the pictures in a book. Kicking with excitement. Loving Captain Calamari. Best friend Tigger. Very ticklish. Open mouth kisses. Baby conversations.

Sorry if it's a little quiet here this week. I am working very hard on the new site and marketing materials. I will do my best to post often though, with Part 2 of the FAQ coming soon. Happy Thursday everyone!


Deana said...

Sleeping through the night?! Way to go Z!

Lee and Khyra said...

so cute!! how much do you charge and where are you living?? i am going to my parents in santa clara and my little one just turned one and i'm looking to get pictures!!! email me! ((ps...that is amazing your little guy is already sleeping through the night!))

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