March 8, 2011

New Hampshire: My Pretty Sophalou

My niece Sophie is seriously one of the smartest kids on this planet. I'm 20 years older than her and she teaches me things. She taught the boyfriend what a puffin when she was like 2. She has been a teenager since she could talk and is going to be a world famous fiction writer one day. She spends all day narrating stories that are very good. It's amazing the detail she puts into them. "Play with me" usually means sit here and listen to this story I will create or watch my interpretive ballet dance.

I love her silly and delicate nature. I love that she eats her dessert with her pinkie up while her brother uses his hands to shovel every bit of cake in his mouth. She is loving and lovely. A very special girl indeed and I love her to little Sophalou pieces!

And just for fun her "politician" pose. I have no idea where she learned this but it's her new go-to pose for pictures. SO funny!

PS. She got dresses up that night because my brother, her uncle, was coming over for dinner. She loves him that much.  Isn't that so cute?




aurèle said...

she's so grown up! I remember your pictures when she was a little girl!
she's very cute! beautiful eyes!
very nice portrait!

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