March 3, 2011

New Hampshire: Girl's Day

Last Thursday we had a girl's day out in Keene, NH. The boys got to have their time drinking bourbon, smoking cigars, and doing things boys like to do. So, for our time we did what girls like to do. Cupcakes, craft store, and cuddling ferrets and kitty cats. It was a lot of fun!

We went back home and Leah and I began making crafts for Baby Bear. I have to photograph and share the ridiculously adorable and sweet things she made for our little bun. We are so lucky to have such a crafty and thoughtful little lady in our family!

(In regards to the photo below: we did go left after I took this. We're rebels like that.)
(Leah took the picture of Sophie and I- love that little girl!)

Miss them already!




jefito said...

I love these pictures so much. You're amazing.

Lady said...

I second both of those comments!

Deana said...

Is that pastel colored candy corn?!?!? I must find some of this! Looks like you had a great time with your fam!

Tenley Clark said...

Jeff: Well I love you so much and you're amazing!

Lady: I second the above comments to you.

Deana: I will have to see if I can get them to send me some for you =) I didn't know that was a special thing. Hope you, Harry and Trip are doing well! Miss you guys!

Angela said...

I'm a girl and I love bourbon and cigars... But I also love crafts, kitties, ferrets and cupcakes! :P Sounds like all of you had a lovely day!!!

I found you via Ashley @ After Nine To Five and I LOVE your blog!!!

Veronica said...

Looks like you gals had a wonderful time! I enjoy downtown Keene, especially the Life is Sweet shop. Happy you had a great time here Brit. =)

Short Leg Lucy said...

That candy store looks THE BOMB :]

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