February 19, 2011

Date Night: Avenue Q

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I am a HUGE musical fan. Go ahead and judge me. I realize this is nerdy. But I'm a nerd. And totally fine with it. In fact I'd love a girl scout badge in it, please. There is just something about people breaking out into melodic song and dance that gives me a sense of euphoria that few other things can match. The harmony. The gorgeous voices belting out a soulful duet with all the emotion one ballroom can hold. Dancing in synchronization to an upbeat tune. I could go on but that would probably only further weird people out.

I had been wanting to see Avenue Q for like 6 years now. I honestly have had the soundtrack on my ipod for years. So, when I saw that they were coming to San Francisco I batted my eyelashes and put on my begging face. Luckily my boyfriend is a big sweetheart and is willing to endure these kind of things for me. I didn't feel too bad asking knowing the raunchy and hilarious nature of the musical.

So, Baby Bear got to go to his first musical. I think I just shed a proud mama tear. Just like his parents he never sits still when there is music playing so he danced the whole second half. We absolutely loved the show too. It was knee-slapping funny, dirty, and had an incredibly talented cast. If only we hadn't missed the first few numbers. Silly rain storm.




Sparky said...

I want to go and see this SO bad!!

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