February 20, 2011

Scrabble Sundays: Baby Books

I have spent the entire weekend inside with my nose in these books and researching on the internet. We have been reading a lot of the Baby Bargains book which has been super helpful in finding out what to buy. A big thanks to Deana for recommending it! She also handed down a lot of these books to me. What a sweetheart!

Though extremely helpful, these books should come with a warning that they will make you very paranoid. I swear that pretty much everything you do and eat can cause harm. It's a bit overwhelming. As a result, I've been eating really well and exercising 4-5 days a week. What ever happened to this being the time I get to eat whatever I want? The plus side of this is of course that I haven't gained a ton of weight. Hooray for small victories! Though, I would really love a donut right about now.




Deana said...

Glad you are enjoying the books. Don't forget to read some non parenting books too because once your little guy is here you might not have too much time for that!

Erin D said...

"What to Expect" was my bible for the longest time! Somedays I kinda miss pregnancy...somedays!

Anonymous said...

I love pregnancy books. I have like literally 5 pre-conception books and about 20 pregnancy book, on pregnancy fitness, nutrition, breastfeeding, with pictures, without, all kinds. Oh and we're not even trying to conceive yet :) lol In two months... which is exactly how long it'll take me to read all of them!

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