February 1, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Veronica Aguilar

As a gigantic art lover I want to share some of my favorite artists with you occasionally on here. Hopefully you'll find them all as inspiring as I do. There is no other person I would kick this off with than Veronica Aguilar.

Let me just start by saying I am an incredibly blessed little lady to have three amazing sister-in-laws. And I mean AMAZING! My brothers mean the world to me and to see them all with equally wonderful women just fills my heart with so much joy. Veronica Aguilar is one of those three women. When I say this girl is incredibly talented that doesn't do her justice. She's got talent like Mike Tyson's got knock-outs. I am constantly in awe of what the she is capable of.

Seeing her work in person is a magical experience. I'm completely in love with the fantastical world she creates. I want to hang every piece in my house. Or better yet, I'd love to live inside her majestic works.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite of her pieces:

And how perfect would this one be for baby bear's pirate/Peter Pan themed nursery?:

Here are two drawings she did of my family. The first is my niece and nephew and the second is my brother and sister-in-law Kristin from a picture I took at their wedding.

If you'd like to see more of her amazing work:

Are there any artists you find really inspiring? Please share in the comments. I always love finding new artists to admire.




Anonymous said...

While you included most of my favorites of her work, you left out the self portrait she did when she was (I think) much younger, I think it's the first one in the group of drawings.
Her work is beautiful, she is amazingly talented (as are you) but knowing that as an artist she's had to overcome being both legally blind and colorblind... just makes looking at her work seem like so much more of a feat of wonder.

Tenley Clark said...

I didn't include all my favorites. That would have taken up pages and pages =).

And I couldn't agree more! It's so amazing to me that she can overcome such visual impairments and create such visually striking works. It's awe-inspiring!

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