February 9, 2011

Alameda County Fair 2010

The boyfriend and I went to the Alameda County Fair in July to celebrate our two year anniversary. I have a bit of a thing for carnivals and begged to go. Being the best boyfriend of course he obliged. We had the best time! We didn't even ride any rides. We just walked around and enjoyed the oh-so-fun and colorful atmosphere.

We did take some photos inside the color photobooth but sadly cannot find them. We moved a week after the carnival and I packed it in a book I believe for safe keeping. Just forgot to remember which book. Whoops. Oh well, it will be a fun discovery one day!


April said...

Tenley...these photos are ooey gooey delicious !!
I love EACH and every one.

Tenley Clark said...

April: Thank you so much! Carnivals and fairs are just so magical!

chantilly said...

hi! i came across your blog through clicking a bunch of other blogs. i LOVE your photography and style!! do you do photography/ graphic design professionally?

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