December 3, 2011

DIY: Flask (gift for dads & dudes)

I came up with this idea and made it for my honey last year for Christmas when we were expecting. I thought I would share because let's face it, guy's are hard to figure out gifts for. Especially when you are wanting to make something. Dave is a bartender and loves a good bourbon and Coke the way I love a Starbuck's latte so I thought this would be a funny and appropriate gift.

First, you'll want to measure out your fabric. I just laid the flask down on the fabric and wrapped the fabric to figure out size. Luckily, plaids make cutting straight and measuring a lot easier. You can use a measuring tape if that's easier too. Make sure that you add a little extra on the width to ensure that there isn't a gap in the back. I overlapped mine in the back a little. 

Next, figure out how big you would like your message to be and cut a piece of felt. Mine was a 3"x3" square. Then, figure out how you want your message, or image, to fit. You can see a little in the above image that I used a disappearing ink to write it first. I used a kid-like font to add to the message =). Then embroider your message. Don't know how to embroider? Perhaps you can cut a picture out of fabric or use fabric paint/markers to do something (but use fabric instead of felt then). Next, sew your felt square to the center of your fabric piece.

The last step can get a bit messy. I took Mod Podge and covered the back of my fabric (using a paint brush) and carefully adhered it to the flask making sure it was centered in front first then wrapping it in the back. I finished with a coat of Mod Podge on the outside of the fabric to really seal it and protect the fabric more. It takes a while to dry so maybe don't wait until Christmas Eve night to make it like I did =)

I made a little jigger to go with it using scraps of woodgrain contact paper coated in Mod Podge. It says "Longpour" and "Shortpour" if you're curious. Because Dave is a bartender that was his nickname and it was only natural to call Zack Shortpour in contrast.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY! If you make one please share a link to a picture in the comments. I'd love to see!

I have a cute little holiday decoration DIY coming early next week, so look out for that!


Deana said...

Great DIY I love the font you chose! Looking forward to your next tutorial :)

Charlotte said...

I got my husband a Stanley flask as part of his Christmas gift. It's already quite the handsome item, so I won't decorate it. But this is very clever!

Tenley Clark said...

Thanks guys! =)

B. Claire Campbell said...

Curious- Did your flask in the end feel smooth or textured like the fabric? Also, have you found that it's held up? I'm afraid that it'll break down if it gets any kind of moisture so I'm considering using spray sealant (Glossy). Lastly, any comments Hubby made about it? It's totally darling, so I'm sure he absolutely loves it, just curious.

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