November 28, 2011

September in November

Like lots of mothers, I have fallen victim to letting those gigabytes and gigabytes of images that we take of our little ones sit in the proverbial attic of our hard drives collecting dust. All of the work we do documenting every tiny moment just to have these special images sit there in a corner like an awkward acne-ridden teen at his first dance. Down with dust I say! This wallflower is feeling courageous and asking the pretty pictures out on the floor for a spin. Thankfully they said.

So, even though it may almost be December, here are some of the 365 pictures I took of Zachary back in September.
Looking fancy in a bowtie after turning 3 months, playtime in his new crib (since it isn't used for anything else yet, whoops!),  kiss from mommy on his 3 month birthday.
Playtime on his playmat and with his favorite toy (Baby Einstein piano- best purchase ever!- he still loves it), loving his Tigger and giving him hugs, looking all gansta' in his hoodie with his homie Changington Pup
Doggie footie pajamas!
Portraits with Daddy- surprised faces at his work, falling asleep at the park, excited to go the Art & Wine festival with Pop-pop and then passed out after a long day
First time in his Bumbo, hanging with Pop-pop while Mama gets home from a shoot, Bear bottom
3rd roll-over ever and then never stopping
Nap in his new BOB stroller from Pop-pop that got a flat after the 3rd time using it (don't worry it's fixed now), hanging with his buddy Gavin
Zachary's reaction to reading Peter Pan for the first time all by himself =)

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I challenge all of you with kids, or not, to go through some of your old pictures and get them printed, post them, whatever. Just let them be seen and treasured the way they should.


Sara said...

These are so wonderful, I especially love the last set...such concentration.

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