November 8, 2011

Halloween & SuperZack

Yes, I'm a little late to the Halloween post train. Fun family holiday sessions and a sick, teething baby have me pretty busy at the moment. Anyways... Zack went as Superman for his first Halloween. Call me nerdy but I was super excited even though he can't really enjoy it. I couldn't wait to make him the coolest costume around. That didn't happen though. Our friends Courtney & Grady let us borrow their Superman costume for pictures and he just looked too cute in it. So that's what he was.

It was really the perfect costume. He's got a natural cowlick in the front of his hair that curls that I call his "Clark Kent". A doctor even asked when he was hospitalized if we had found him in a barn, referring to his Superman-like strength. Kaiser is classy like that. He also loves flying around our house like a bird... or a plane.

Here are some pictures of our Halloween with the Green's:

A couple of pictures with Daddy before he had to go to work.
Courtney is pregnant with another little boy, due in Feb. Grady made this adorable prego-pumpkin in her honor. 
Gavin dressing up in his Mommy's cowgirl hat.
Gavin went as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. It's his favorite book. I'm a big fan too and almost got the same one. That would have been cute to have 2. Court was the cutest pregnant witch ever!
I dressed up last second as a girl scout. I just happened to have a super cute vintage outfit that I found last year. Apparently I'm a bad scout since I haven't earned a single badge.

We made to about 5 houses. Both boys were way tired. I hope you all had a fun Halloween. What did you go as? Link to pictures if you have them. I'd love to see!


jefito said...

Those Superman pictures are GREAT! Drunkle Brian must be jealous that his super-status has been usurped.

Leah said...

Brittany, I want to bite his bottom lip right off of his face.

Ysabel said...

He is such an adorable baby! I adore the Superman outfit and as well as the Max costume :) I went as Jack Skellington for Halloween.

Lady Mimi said...

It is only appropriate that he should go as Superman, after all, while Drunkle Brian may be a Super Hero, Drunkle Jefito was Superman for his first "official" Halloween. I think perhaps he is a little jealous you didn't mention that he was the inspiration for the costume.
Leah - I nibbled on him a little extra just for you!
The Max costume is adorable, too, and Gavin looks super cute himself!

jefito said...

Holy crap, I forgot I went as Superman!

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