September 12, 2011

FAQ Answers: Part 1

How did you and your boyfriend meet? 
We met at a local dive bar while I was playing pool with his friend that I knew. We had seen each other the week before. As I was leaving with my friends he waved at me from across the room. I stopped in my tracks and said "Oh, cute boy!" and started walking towards him and my friends had to drag me out haha. We spent the whole night glued to each other and have been ever since. See, you can meet the love of your life in a bar! 

What's your favorite song, movie and book? 
That's a tough questions! It's hard to pick just one. 
Favorite song- "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles, "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips, "King of Wishful Thinking" by Go West are just a few
Favorite movie- "The Little Mermaid"
Favorite book- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Do you want more kids? 
Absolutely! It will be a while before we have another one though. I'm going to have them until I get a girl now =). Just kidding. But kind of not. 

How did you become so creative? Any tips?

I'm pretty sure I was just born this way. I just needed to find a way to channel it. I think I realized in high school that I don't think like normal people do. I was extremely hyper and my thoughts were super random. I'm a huge daydreamer and my mind bounces from one thought to the next very quickly. When I started doing photography it was just a good way for me to put my thoughts into an image. As far as tips, I would say just to seek inspiration constantly. I look to movies, music videos, songs, books, art, etc. for inspiration constantly. I read a lot of blogs of creative people and love websites like Pinterest and Flickr. And keep a notebook with you always to write down ideas as they come to you. You may not use it right away but it may come in handy later for something else or inspire an even better idea. 

Any advice for the last couple months of pregnancy and the first couple months of baby? Also, was baby bear planned or a wonderful surprise?
The best thing you can do during the last few months is to enjoy your last few moments to do what you want when you want, because it will never be this easy again. Go on dates with your husband, read a book, go on a trip. Taking a shower will soon be a huge task so really enjoy your alone time and take extra long showers while you still can. 

For the first couple of months with the baby just enjoy it! It goes by so quickly so just soak up every moment of it. It will be hard but just focus on how incredibly worth it it is. Each stage comes with its ups and downs and I think too many people are eager to get out of a stage because of its stresses instead of focusing on its beauty. 

Our little bundle of love was not planned but was the best, most amazing surprise! We knew we wanted to have kids but wanted to wait until we were married and more financially stable. We had just moved in together after 2 years of dating when I got pregnant (on birth control). Though it's not how we ideally would have planned it I couldn't be happier to have this little man in my life and wouldn't change a single thing!  

how do you always look so good in your photos?
Well, thank you very much =) I think that good lighting is very important in making anyone look good in a photograph. I use window light and photograph my subjects in shade 90% of the time because it's the most flattering light. I use to Photoshop a lot. That's actually why I started doing photography, to have work to edit because I loved it. Lately though I've been trying to do as much in camera and just do minor tweaks (color, exposure, sharpen) in Lightroom and Photoshop. Good lighting is key. 

what happened to your old blog?

I took it down. I keep a notebook with me all of the time to write down ideas and lists. Once it's full I put it away and never look at it again. I like knowing it is there but I love the feeling of having a new pretty notebook, a blank canvas, to fill. That blog was like an old notebook. I wanted to begin fresh with this blog. 

what made you decide to pursue photography as a career?

My brain is constantly daydreaming up so many ideas and thoughts that I needed a creative outlet. I am not a painter or a musician, this is my art. I thought I would be a conceptual fine art photographer because that is what I really loved (and still love) in college but over time I've realized how much I love photographing kids. They, like me, live in a wonderful land of make-believe and daydreams. Plus they are so full of life and energy.I absolutely love what I do! The more creative a shoot is, the more it makes my heart smile. =)

what is your favorite photo?/color/blog/Broadway musical?

Favorite Photo- probably Gregory Crewdson's Ophelia. It's just so incredibly gorgeous. I love everything about it!

Favorite Blog: Elsie's A Beautiful Mess. It's full of inspiration, adorable DIY's, and so much cuteness! It was one of the first blogs I ever followed and is still my favorite. I am a huge blog addict and currently have 131 in my reader.

Favorite Broadway Musical: It's like picking a favorite child =). I just love so many! I would say it's between Spring Awakening and Wicked though. 

is there any actor/actress you'd love to take a photo of?
Right now I'd have to say Emma Stone. I love her. She's hilarious and beautiful. As for an actor, it'd be Paul Rudd, for pretty much the same reasons. I think they would be up for something silly and creative. Plus I'd just love to meet them!


Sara said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! We seem to love a lot of the same things, such as the Little Mermaid (addicted to mermaids in general over here) and def. Hold On by Wilson Phillips. That is me and my besties, 'song' and I have no shame in knowing every word of it!

amy@agoodlife said...

love emma stone & i LOVE a beautiful mess! you got some good taste mama.

Samantha said...

Love your blog! I've been following you on flickr for a long time! I'm expectiing my first and Its a boy as well. My husband suggested a pirate nursery and I instantly thought of your blog and happily agreed! I have some pictures on my flickr of our nursery so far and wondered if you'd like to see? Can't wait to see your finished room!

Kindergarten Worksheets said...

Great post with a great interview. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

rntylr22 said...

I have 2 questions for your next FAQ post!

1) I was looking at your flikr account pics and got confused. Is your name Brittany, or Tenley?

2) Do you dye your hair yourself? If so, any brands to recommend?

Black Orchid said...

What's your height?

...if it isn't too late to ask.

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