August 11, 2011

Week 9

That smile right there, well, that is my reason for existing. It will also be the end of me when he wants anything. I'm doomed. The above picture might just be my favorite picture of my beautiful baby boy yet. I am going to have to have that one printed and on the wall.

Right now I am singing to my handsome little mister and he is cooing, smiling, and making noises back like he is singing with me. It's too cute for words. I can't wait until he can really sing along. The smiles are in abundance in our household tonight and that is just fine by me.

JULY 29- On a walk with Daddy.
JULY 30- At his friend Gavin and Avet's first birthday party (with Auntie Courtney)

JULY 31- Big eyes.
AUGUST 1- Tiny hands and bored of tummy time. 
AUGUST 2- Hanging out in the swing, which he is finally starting to like. Mama is very happy to get to eat with two hands sometimes. 
AUGUST 4- Silly face. 


Tina said...

He is a doll! He looks just like you. So adorable. I like the bottom one. The blue couch really makes his eye color pop.

Andi, On Call RN said...

omg he could not be cuter!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

jefito said...

I love the "bored of tummy time" shot!

Lauren said...

He is SO SO SO cute!! In the first picture he looks a lot like you!

Tenley Clark said...

Tina: Thanks! I love his eyes! I'm so glad they are still blue so far.

Andi: Thanks! You need to come see him and us. We miss you!

Jeff: Ha! I know. My little goober. He gets bored and just eats his hands most of the time. =)

Lauren: Thank you!! I think he is pretty cute too =)

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