August 23, 2011

Week 10 (Zachary 365)

AUGUST 5- A beautiful Afghan made for us by the sweetest guests at Dave's work.
AUGUST 6- Hanging out with Roxy and Mama on the bed.
AUGUST 8- He's learned to stick his tongue back out at you if you do it to him. So cute!
AUGUST 9- In his hoodie (that he outgrew the next day)
AUGUST 10- Instax (apparently he thinks vomitig everywhere is awesome)
AUGUST 11- Finally awake at Mommy & Me

Thanks for taking a look at our 10th week together!


wonderchris said...

SUCH a cutie!!

Lea said...

He is so adorable and you're an awesome photographer!

Tenley Clark said...

wonderchris: Thank you! He's the love of my life =)

Lea: Thank you so much! That's too sweet!

Rachael said...

OOOoh! These are just too precious. My favorite is the two side-by-side in the navy onesie. What a cutie pie puppy you have, too!

Sara said...

3rd picture down = so flippin cute!

Tenley Clark said...

Rachael: I love those too! He's such a ham!

Sara: Thanks!! =)

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