August 15, 2011

Gavin & Avet's First Birthday

The other weekend we attended a joint first birthday party thrown by our friends. Not only do Gavin and Avet share a birthday, but they were born in the same hospital right next to each other. So neat! It was a very fun day filled with lots of very cute kids. We had so much that we went back again later to hang out and eat pizza with them.

There was a lot more than just birthdays to celebrate it turns out. Gavin is going to be a big brother! We are so excited for our friends Courtney and Grady to welcome another sweet baby! Congrats guys!

Here are some random pictures from the day:

Gavin (birthday boy 1)
Avet (birthday boy 2). I have shoot with them this Saturday and can't wait. What beautiful eyes!
I love this picture of our sleepy boys and Shaina and Dave. 
Damon and the boys.
Love this picture of Gabe. 
And his adorable brother Finn.
Gabe being sweet with his brother.
And then trying to eat my baby =)
And then wrestling with Uncle Dave (he had a lot of energy). So cute! I love his curly hair!


Tina said...

Those are some cute curls!

Mrs. Griffiths said...

Great shots! I've really been enjoying following your blog and seeing the adorable photos of your little one :) What kind of camera do you have?

Rachael said...

What gorgeous photos! Now I see that the circle of people that are so lucky to have your photography skills extends far beyond your little cute family.
And wow, Avet's eyelashes... Just wow.

Tenley Clark said...

Tina: I know! He gets them from his mom. So cute!

Mrs. Griffiths: Thank you! I am currently using a Nikon D300, but am anxiously awaiting the announcement of the D800 hopefully tomorrow!

Rachael: Thanks! Yes, his eyelashes are beautiful huh? I just did a shoot with this little guy and his family and man is he just the cutest little ham! Adorable!

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