July 5, 2011

Fourth of July.

Yesterday was Zack's first Fourth of July. Papa Bear had to work so it was just the two of us. In order to celebrate we:

Took some red, white, and blue pictures. He is such a happy boy and finally felt like smiling for the camera. =)
(the left image was taken with my camera phone- please excuse the quality)

And then we went out on the porch swing to listen to some early fireworks. Zachary loves being on the swing. It's his favorite part of the day. It's the only time we get outside and he gets something new to look at. We are about to go on our first walk though so hopefully he'll love that.

Later on that night we went out again and got to see a couple of fireworks some neighbors were setting off. He didn't even seem to notice, but I was pretty excited we got to see anything at all.

What did you all do for the Fourth of July?


Angie said...

How adorable!!! Jen and I mostly ate good food (including a big breakfast and for lunch, pasta salad!), napped, relaxed and gamed! ^_^ We went outside to see some firecrackers go zooming up into the sky and we set off two of our airsoft grenades, but that was about all!

We're saving up for my MIL's b-day, Pioneer Day and my b-day - phew!

Kristin said...

What a cutie! And your highlights look lovely!

Rachael said...

Ooooooh goodness gracious, what a sweetie!
I hope you take lots of pictures of his first walk!
I drove 8 hours (each way) to join my little sisters and mom and stepdad out camping. :) It was so much fun.

wonderchris said...

Love those pics!! We had fireworks on the beach - it was amazing!!

Tenley Clark said...

Angie: That sounds like so much fun! It also sounds like you have a lot of fun coming up! Happy early birthday to both you and your MIL!!

Kristin: Thanks! It's going to take at least one more time to get it a little blonder but I'm just happy to have gotten it done!

Rachael: I took a lot of pictures of his first walk even though he slept through the whole thing. I'm pretty sure all the cars that drove by thought I was strange photographing a stroller so much. I love camping! That sounds so fun!

wonderchris: Fireworks on the beach sounds magical! Hope you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's beautiful. I told your Mom he was pretty but not to tell you that since he is a boy - but he is pretty. I hope he keeps those gorgeous blue eyes like his Mommy. I already love him so much. You are a good Mom.. I can't wait to get my hands on him and kiss him all over......Nama

Lee and Khyra said...

Hi! I came across your dad on facebook and asked him how you were. he told me you had a baby and gave me your blog address. so cute!! congrats! boys are the best:) i have a 9 month old boy and he keeps me busy! I am happy to see you doing so well!

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